DURA-BASE Composite Mats


Pipeline Equipment Rentals Dura Base Composite Mats System

DURA-BASE® brand mats with a patented interlocking connection system are recognized worldwide as the premium heavy duty work platform for temporary work sites and access roads.


DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mat

  • Overall Dimensions 8′ x 14′ x 4″ (2.44m x 4.27m x 10.2cm)
  • Surface Dimensions: 7′ x 13′ (2.13m x 3.96m)
  • Weight: 1,000 lbs. (454 kg)

*Weights and dimensions are all nominal.


The DURA-BASE® Advanced-Composite Mats are composed of a proprietary formulation that includes specialty resins and high-end polymer additives for enhanced durability and dimensional stability. This special formulation also provides an anti-skid surface and prevents static charge accumulation for added worker safety.


Testing has demonstrated mat tolerance to extreme deflection while maintaining high load bearing capacity in pure bending [span = 4 feet (1.2m)]. Pure compressive load capacity is approximately 600 psi (40 kg/cm2). Compressive loads in excess of 1,000 psi (70 kg/cm2) have been observed in laboratory tests.

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